Keep him in the house

Angela Dane called 911 this morning. She reported she had heard someone on the roof. Moments later, her daughter called 911. She was scared. Her father Michael Dane, 38 had pulled out an AK 47 and begun firing. He hit her mother. When law enforcement arrived, they found Angela Dane dead, killed in front of her children ages 13 years and 4 years of age.

Michael Dane has been arrested, charged with reckless homicide.  Police found traces of cocaine inside the home and removed full grown marijuana plants from the garage.

When I first read this story, my thought was another parent who was filtering normal life through a drug fueled haze, and reacting with a drug altered mind. But then I found another article, and here the Prosecutor is hinting at a motive for the death. And talking about charges being upgraded. Dane has been held on a $100,000 bond. The prosecution says he asked for a million.

It also explains the reckless homicide charge. The charge is a 3 rd degree felony. That usually means a sentence of 1-5 year prison sentence. That’s not much time for killing the mother of your children, whether it was intentional or a drug fueled reaction.

As if that isn’t startling enough, they also give the information that while the dispatcher had the little, scared 13 year old on the line, they told her to keep her father in the home. Just what you want. A 13 year old who just saw her mom being shot and killed, responsible for keeping the man who did this in the home with her and her 4 year old sibling.

As if life won’t be hard enough for her now. She is old enough to be too aware of what death means. She has lost her mom. She has lost her father, to jail and trial and then probably to prison. Likely she is missing her mom right now. Preparing for her funeral. Worrying about what she and her sibling will do and where they will go. And what will happen to them. And she can’t talk to her father about the loss, she can’t be guided by him. Because she is too aware that he is the reason she lost her mom. She will most likely be dealing with prosecutors and investigators for a while. Then at some point, she will have to get up in front of a room full of people, and tell them what happened. At her father’s trial. Most likely she will understand that after doing so, her father will be sent to prison.

4 years old. Old enough that some memories of what happened may linger, at least on some level of conciousness. Probably not really sure of what dead means. But scared because of all the noise, the blood. Probably looking for comfort from the mom who isn’t there, and not really sure why not. Dad isn’t there for comfort either. Just lots of strangers. And a sister who is young, scared and most likely crying a lot.

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