It can happen in any home

I’m not big on sports. And to be honest stories about this guy probably wouldn’t even catch my eye. Likely, some people like him and some people don’t. But when crimes occur in the home, that catches my attention.

UConn assistant football coach has been charged with domestic violence. But this doesn’t appear to be a problem with a spouse or girlfriend. His actual charges are risk of injury to a minor, and 2 nd degree assault, both felonies. Police say it involved a child in home and the child had minor injuries. Richardson, who lives with his wife and 4 children, posted a $10,000 bond. Incidently, he has been placed on paid administrative leave from the college.

The article doesn’t say if he returned to the home after posting bond and it doesn’t say where the child is now.

Again, let’s look at the effects on the home and then community. Four scared kids, and one has “minor injuries”. A scared wife, trying to decide what is best to do for herself and her children. Possibly, all will be dealing with the legal aspects of this for some time. The injured child will be dealing with the looks, the questions and the curiosity at school. The other kids will too, to some extent. They will all be dealing with their own thoughts and fears as a result. And for the fans, think what an example he is setting for the kids who follow news of the game. This is how a “man” (?) handles problems in the home. A college is short a coach.

Now the article doesn’t say what the problem in the home was, or what led up to it. But I wonder if this was what he intended? I wonder if he still feels his actions were necessary and right? I wonder if he is happy about seeing his name in the paper and on blogs like mine, now?

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