Leaving is not an easy decision

On Feb. 1, a 34 year old woman came home and found a broken glass door pane. Inside she found several walls and a stove door vandalized. Then she found her ex-boyfriend
hiding under her bed with a knife. He didn’t threaten her, but he refused to leave and held her hostage for four hours before he decided to leave. He did offer to pay for the damage.

She did make a report and was given a CAPER unit. A CAPER unit is a device which is typically worn around the neck. All it needs to activate it is to press, and it will
automatically notify law enforcement dispatchers about a problem. No talking is needed.

Sat. the 18 th, she was taking out her garbage and the exboyfriend, Christopher Lee, 24 approached her. A heated argument resulted, during which she was punched in the eye and choked before he tossed her down a small flight of stairs. She pressed the alarm on the CAPER device and police were there in 2 1/2 minutes. Lee was arrested.

Many domestic violence shelters often have similiar devices to assist domestic violence victims. Some pass out cell phones, which though not activated can be used to contact 911 in an emergency. Does it always work? No, the above article mentions Merline Port-Louis, 23, who spotted her ex boyfriend Marlon Fann, 34. She activated the alarm, and police records show they were there within 5 min. By that time, he had already shot her several times.

Leaving is a serious decision. Women are most at risk during a breakup. When I talk about the reasons some women stay in a relationship, you always have to consider this. Both sought help. For one it has worked, for one it didn’t. Still, both took a chance at freedom and safety. And sadly, with a guy this violent,  Merline Port-Louis, if she had stayed- her chances of staying alive were probably just as slim as her leaving. Many times, if a plan is made before leaving, victims can be successful however.

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