We tell our children to mind their elders

We tell our children to mind their elders. But sometimes we forget to tell them that sometimes they don’t have to mind.  

She was 7 years old. One of her relatives “touched” her. Then he raped her. Several times. She was told that if she ever told, her siblings would be killed. After a year, she finally told. Now she has nightmares and flashbacks. The nightmares include having a pillow put over her face. She is afraid he is going to come back and she doesn’t know when. Her name won’t be told in court, in the papers and I wouldn’t tell it, even if I knew it.

Likely her parents suffer some guilt, about how this could happen and they not have known. Likely, they are unsure of themselves now, not sure how to treat her- how to handle the “problem”. And likely they have assured her that he can never hurt her again and that he will be going to jail.

Dewayne Devine’s brother arranged bail for him. He was due in court this week. He didn’t show. He has been tracked to Vienna, West Virginia where his brother lives. Police went there, but was told at the door that it wasn’t illegal to harbor a relative. Even a detective wasn’t sure about that info. So while they were determining the truth about that (evidently it is illegal), Devine skipped again.

Devine denied the charges in court. But he also said that an old girlfriend’s daughter had once accused him of the same thing.

Police say that Devine is a danger to other children he may come into contact with. He needs to be found and brought back to face charges. He needs to be taken off the street.

Now I am sure this child is even more scared. And so are the parents. It is likely that his escape will set back her healing process. And he has to be taken off the street.




  1. Nidhi said,

    February 21, 2006 at 5:26 am

    I really get scare when I read all this. I remember when I was kid, why my parents used to be so protective and careful.

    I believe that most of cousin brothers try to touch their cousin sisters in their growing age. They may not rap her but they try to feel them. Since girls are also small so they also dont get open with their parents and tell them what they are going through. Its so unfortunate that girls in such small age suffer so much and parents didnt even know about this.

    I think with daughters, parents needs to be extra careful.

  2. February 21, 2006 at 5:44 am

    Nidhi, welcome to my home.
    Suprisingly they are finding that a lot more boys are being abused than what was previously thought. They are also more likely not to tell.
    Young kids that are of the same age, often that is a form of exploring. A way of exploring the difference’s between boys and girls and a way of trying things out in a way they percieve as “safe” with someone they know. If it gets to the point that the child is disturbed by this, then they should tell.
    In this case, the man was an adult. And the girl was obivously tramatized (even if he hadn’t raped, likely trauma would have occurred).
    It is very scary to think that any adult should see children in a sexual way. And usually is tramatizing to the child. All parents should watch their children closely, whether they are boys or girls. Because even if they can’t tell, sometimes they will show by their actions that something is going on.

  3. Roxy said,

    February 21, 2006 at 9:42 am

    Its stories like these that pull the hardest at the heart strings. I’m sure you know how I feel on any adult having anything sexual to do with a child and I have read so much on this topic. It never ceases to amaze me with the next story just waiting to be told.

    Mrs. E

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