Have you ever?

Have you ever been in an argument and blurted something out that you really didn’t mean? It is a sign of losing control, and many a friendship and even marriages have been ruined over it.

Have you ever been in an argument, and thrown something at the other party? Or pushed, or struck out at someone? Or stopped them from leaving the room? Often that is how home crimes start. Not with a gun or a knife, but with that momentary loss of control. And that is when it is most treatable, before someone is bruised or injured. But once the arguments keep coming, the loss of control becomes more of a regular occurence, and often it begins to escalate. And becomes a habit. Then it is harder to break.

I don’t know in the following case if there had been any previous history of domestic violence. Abusers often deny it, and the wife cannot tell us.

Francis McCoy was pronounced dead at 3:26 pm on Sunday at the hospital. She died of injuries recieved when her husband allegedly struck her with a vehicle.

According to the police dept. they were in a parking lot and were arguing when Martin McCoy intentionally struck her with his car. One instant, one momentary loss of control, one weapon close at hand, and the result is a 28 year old woman is dead, her husband is in jail. And two families are grieving. Lives changed forever, because of a momentary loss of control.

 After striking her with his car, he did drive himself to the police station and turned himself in. Martin McCoy, 31 was initially charged with attempted murder, but since her death the charges will most likely be upgraded.


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