Getting old is not easy

They were growing older, he had had a stroke. Sara Jane Gulbrandsen, 62, was under stress, she said she hadn’t slept in weeks. She says there was no one to help. He had 19 Doctor’s appts. in 3 weeks. She says her husband of 29 years,Rudolph Gulbrandsen, 79,asked her to kill him.  Dec. 17, 2005 she did. She didn’t have a gun, so she hit him over the head with a crowbar. Then she slashed her wrists and throat. She told investigators that she didn’t want to live without her husband.

She was reportedly a nice lady, active in the quilting club and a volunteer at the local library. Before she retired she was a math teacher. Friends and neighbors attended her hearing.

After her arrest she spent 6 weeks in the psychiatric hospital. She has been charged with 2 nd degree murder. Her attorney pled not guilty for her, and has indicated that he may be presenting a psychiatric defense.

I really don’t know what to say, I want to think there must have been help out there for her- but sadly I don’t believe that. Getting old and unfirm…….. not an easy job.

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