Domestic Violence

I found an interesting article on Domestic Violence from out of San Diego. In 2003, they formed a task force on Domestic Violence. Task Force on Local Criminal Justice Response to Domestic Violence. They state that in California each year, first responders get 200,000 domestic violence phone calls to public service agencies. And that 700,000 children are referred to agencies as domestic violence victims. Annually. One year, one state.

The task force has made some reccomendations to address the domestic violence situation.

Additional training for prosecutors on evaluating and prosecuting these cases.

Courts should not allow plea bargains that eliminate the requirement for the 52 week batterers program and the 3 years of probation.

There should be consequences for batterers who do not complete the mandated batterers program.

Law enforcement and health practicioners should develop a protocol for reporting the violence to the correct law enforcement agency.

Improve the computer databases to ensure that all protective orders are entered into the system.

Judges, district and city attornies offices law enforcement and advocacy agencies should meet regularly.

Other suggestions were Domestic violence services should be tailored to help illegal immigrant victims. And educators should be kept in the loop, so that they can help the children of domestic violence.

A very interesting article, and it sounds like a good start if they follow through. I wish all states would begin working on this also.

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