Babies Cry

If you have ever been a parent of a newborn, you know they cry. Some babies cry more than others. And while they are sleeping quietly, they can inspire a feeling like awe, that you produced something so perfect mixed with love, tenderness, and protective feelings.

But when they cry for long periods in the middle of the night, the feelings run more to frustration, depression, helplessness, exaustion, and sometimes I guess even anger.

Now I had a baby, he went from being a premie with frequent feedings, to colic, to teething, to ear infections. I swear, if he was awake in that first year, he was crying. And at times, I just had to lay him down and walk away for a few minutes. I didn’t experience the anger- but lots of frustration, depression, exhaustion and helplessness. I survived, and so did he. But that first year was tough.

So in some ways, I guess I can empathize with Amber Mae Salvatori, 26. To a point.

On Jan. 4, Michael Goodrich, the child’s father called authorities for his child who was not breathing.

The inital story was that they had had a casual evening, and went to bed about 11 pm. He got up around 11 am, and went to the store. Upon his return, his wife was calling to him, and crying and told him the 10 week old baby wasn’t breathing.

At a later interview, Salvatori admitted that the baby was fussing around midnight and she gave him his “nuke”. The baby woke again at around 2 am and she couldn’t get him to go back to sleep. She then told that she put him back in his crib face down, and pressed on the back of his head. He quit crying and moving around, and she went back to bed and slept till noon the next day. When the baby hadn’t woken up at 2 pm, she went to check on him and found him not breathing.

Now if she had called a more experienced parent they may have been able to give her some tips to try and would have had her check the baby for illness. She could have called a hospital. Had she woken the father, she may have been able to get him to relieve her for a bit. And if nothing else worked, she could have walked away for a bit, until she calmed down, then tried again. And as hard as it is, sometimes you just have to wait it out.

Now she will be facing a trial and prison in the death of her baby. As a young couple, they have lost their child. And the world will never know what they lost, because this little man wasn’t given a chance to grow up.

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