Peeking behind the drapes: The reality vs. the illusion

I haven’t covered the Entwistle case yet. But it is a perfect example of how a tragic event can open up a families whole life to public scrutiny.

Most families have a public side and a private side, though the degree will differ with each family. Petty squabbles will usually remain in the family, not discussed in the public world. But, sometimes more serious issues are treated the same way. Sometimes, the serious issues are not even discussed with family or close friends. To the outside world, what seems to be a solid, loving family may actually be fraying around the edges, or occasionally even rotten in the core.

Neil and Rachel Enwistle were married in Britain. Rachel was attending college there, Neil was a native. They resided there for a time, but eventually ended up moving to the US. They appeared to others as a storybook couple, in love, with a new baby.

When they moved to the US, they moved in with Rachel’s family and lived there for a while, as neither were working. Shortly before Rachel and the baby 9-month-old Lillian were killed, they moved to a nice home, in a nice neighborhood. As many couples do, they planned a dinner party on a Saturday after the move. However, when the invitees showed up for the dinner party, no one answered the door. Contact was made with the police dept. and they got a key, and entered the home on a Saturday to find nothing amiss. Family entered the home after that, and again nothing amiss. It was a troublesome mystery, with a dinner party planned, the family had disappeared. On Sun. the police went back to the home, and at that time found Rachel and Lillian under some bedclothes. They had been shot. Neil was no where to be found.

After finding Rachel and Lillian, the story hit the news and peeks at life behind the drapes began. Neil had told Rachel and her family that he had money stashed in an off shore account. In reality, they were deeply in debt. I don’t know what Neil told Rachel about how he made money. But he evidently had some porn sites and scams going to fleece others from their money. Possibly things were getting desperate for Neil, as evidenced by their Ebay account. They had had an Ebay account in Rachel’s name for more than a year and had an excellent rating. Yet in 6 days in Jan. there was a flurry of unsatisfactory transactions, which resulted in the account being terminated. Shortly afterward, Rachel and Lillian died. Neil was found back in Britain, he had flown there the day of the dinner party, the day before Rachel and Lillian were found.

Allegedlly, Neil has told investigator’s that he was out doing errands for about 4 hours, returned to the home and found Rachel and Lillian dead. He reportedly has said he went to the kitchen to get a knife to kill himself, and then thought that would hurt too much. Reportedly, he then drove to his father-in-laws home to get a gun, but couldn’t get in.

Rachel was found with two gunshots, one to the abdomen, and one to the head. Both small caliber shots, the same caliber as the father-in-law’s weapon. Lillian was found with one gunshot to the abdomen. Information is now being disclosed that she had also recieved additional trauma in the form of contusions to the left eye, nose, mouth, and blood in her nostril’s.

Also being released is the info that the murder weapon was found- her father’s gun was tested and Rachel’s DNA was found on it as well as Neil’s fingerprints. It was found in her father’s home.

Additionally, a search of the computer in the home showed that someone had searched out internet sites for information on how to kill someone and how to commit suicide.

This was a couple who was described as being happy and very much in love. I don’t pretend to know how much Rachel knew about Neil’s activities on the computer. Somehow, I tend to believe that she really thought that Neil had made money somewhere and stashed it in an off-shore account. Did she begin asking the hard questions after the termination of the Ebay account, or did she stumble onto other information another way? Or was it a matter of Neil knowing the truth was immenient, and wanting to run from that? Most likely only Rachel…..and Neil, will ever know that for sure.

But, it is a tragic illustration of how rotten at the core a relationship can get. And of how far one person in the relationship can carry an illusion. So successfully that the other party in the relationship may not even know. And it also shows how disasterously bad it can sometimes get when disclosure happens. Because there are some people out there, to whom the illusion is more important than the relationship.