Is Mom guilty too?

Children are some of the most vulnerable persons in our society. They rely on their parents to feed them, love them, provide boundaries, shelter and clothing, discipline, and protection.

Rebecca Breese, 27 is being charged in the beating death of her 4 year old daughter, Kathryn Westerfield. She has been charged with 1 st degree murder, aggravated battery to a child, and obstruction of justice.  Breese is accused of tripping Kathryn multiple times, causing her to fall and hit her head.
She is also accused of standing by and watching her child being beat to death by James Norris, the child’s uncle.

There is evidently a controversy over whether this mother should be charged with murder. Though the death was at the hands of the uncle she stood by, did not intervene, and did not request assistance or take the child to safety.
Please refer to the first sentence- children rely on their parents for protection.
She allowed the beating to happen, she didn’t try to stop it, she didn’t call police, she didn’t remove the child to a safe area.

Neighbor’s in the area are asking state representatives for a new law, “Kathryn’s Law”. One which makes a parent who watches abuse to be charged also.



Lisa Clark the 37 year old woman who is charged with molesting the 15 year old boy she later married gave birth last night.

She was in the Hall county detention center when she went into labor and was transferred to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy.