Some lessons are learned the hard way

Eric Herriott, 21, was living with his girlfriend Lourdes Frazier, 20 when he was arrested for domestic battery on a pregnant person and criminal mischief.
According to court records, they were arguing over car keys, and “According to a police report written after the incident, Herriott told officers, “I hit her and broke up her car. I hit her on the arm and slapped her. . . . She hit me back and broke a tooth but I need to go to jail.”
That was in Aug. He spent 69 days in jail awaiting trial, at trial he pled no contest, and was sentenced to probation.
According to this article, the couple reconciled after the trial and to all appearances were living peacefully.

On Jan. 11, Lourdes’s mother Marcela Bisquera Frazier was killed inside her home. She was stabbed to death. Herriott was charged with her murder on Thursday. Mrs. Frazier’s blood was found on Herriott’s shoes. Prosecutor’s are not giving any indication if there are other’s involved in the murder.

Now I am not going to bash a person for reconciling with the person who abused them. There are couples who reconcile, get help, and don’t have further problems. (notice I said they get help?) I don’t know how Lourdes’ mother felt about the reconciliation, or if she ever said anything. But, I wonder if when Lourdes agreed to reconcile with her boyfriend- did she realize that she was not only putting herself at risk, but also her child, and her family? An abuser is someone who is prone to violence. Who either uses it for control or for gain.
And by going back into that situation, Herriott remained in contact not only with her- but also her family. Which means that not only was she at risk, but her child and her family was also. Some lessons are learned the hard way.

Granted, they had a child in common, so there was likely to be some contact for the next 18 years. But, those kind of contacts can be handled by asking for supervised visitation for the child or other measures the court can require.


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