Little ones can be frustrating

Julie Stroud, 40 had her two grandchildren in her care ages 2 and 15 months. Police and children’s services responded to a complaint they had recieved that at least one of the children had been beaten.

There they found the 15 month old with a scratch on her nose, bruises on her cheek, back, the inside of her legs, and a swollen bruise that extended from her buttocks to her knee. The children were taken to the hospital, where doctors found a number of old bruises. The children are now in protective custody. Stroud has stated that the 15 month old got her bruises from falls she took while learning to walk, but she has admitted to spanking the child with her hand and a pingpong paddle.

I am aware that caring for children this age can be frustrating. Two of them this close in age would be twice the frustration. Kids this age are just learning verbal skills, they are curious and playful. And demanding. Likely, you would just get one child straightened out from something, and the other child would be into something. Since their attention span is short, often they will commit the same misbehavior over and over. They may have to be reminded over and over.

You want your children and your grandchildren to be raised right, you want to instill some type of dicipline. But, I have yet to see a child this age that had to be hit hard enough to bruise them, to get them to mind. I don’t want to get into the contoversy over spanking, that is pretty much a personal decision. But on any child, if spanking leaves bruises- it is too hard. At 15 months, it doesn’t take much to bruise a child. Or to cause a more severe injury. A child would also not be likey to get those types of injuries from a fall while learning to walk. A bruise from buttocks to knee, would be a pretty extensive bruise on a 15 month old, falling from that short a distance. Not to mention that a 15 month old would typically land either buttocks or head first.

So if you are caring for children, and they are giving you that much frustration, you have options. Get them in someone else’s care while you take a break. Do something nice for yourself, while they are down for a nap. Contact Children’s services and ask for some help. Enroll them in a daycare, headstart, or a preschool. Take a parenting class.

You have options. The children do not. They have to stay with the adult who agrees to care for them. That is their only option.



  1. Magnolia said,

    February 12, 2006 at 5:45 am

    I decided at a very young age…4 or 5…that no one could beat sense into me,therefore,I would never beat or hit anyone. I instinctively knew it was wrong. I was always afraid when I had my own children,that whatever made my parents the way they were,would happen to me. As I got older, wiser,etc..I finally realized it wouldn’t.I have 4 beautiful grandchildren now,and I take care of my midkids 2 and 3 year old children so they don’t have to be subjected to “daycare,strange babysitters”,etc. It is an honour to do so. I will be sixty in less than a year,and yes…they make me freakin’ nutz …but I can’t imagine them ever doing anything that would cause me to harm them…other than a light smack on a well diapered butt.
    I don’t understand,in this day and age,why any granparent would want their kidlets in a strangers care. …but if you’re going to resent it,then don’t do it !!!

  2. February 12, 2006 at 8:36 pm

    Magnolia, welcome to my home.
    I was never abused. But, having been a mother I can well understand the stress and frustrations involved.
    But, I also find it hard to understand how someone can injure a child. I can remember sending my kids to their room when they were in trouble, as I didn’t want to punish them while I was angry. Doing so, gave me a chance to calm down, so that the punishment could then be for whatever they had done, and not because of my feelings of anger and frustration.
    Parents and grandparents that punish out of their anger and frustration, are simply acting like the kids. They need to act like adutls, and act out of love and concern for the child, not their feelings. It takes an adult to do that.
    I never felt guilty for sending my kids to their rooms to allow me time to calm down. I would have felt a lot of guilt if I had acted on my anger and frustration.

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