The worst thing that can happen

Daniel Porter, 42 has been found guilty of kidnapping. For two years he has refused to tell where his children are. Instead he has told stories that ranged from he killed them, he sold them and that they are now part of a pornography ring. But where they are, he won’t say.

Sam and Lindsey Porter have not been seen since June 2004, when Porter picked them up from his ex-wife, Tina Porter. They were 7 and 8 years old.

The prosecution has alleged that he did this to get back at his ex-wife. The defense attorneys say it is because he was abused as a child and that his actions were aimed at protecting his children.  “There is no way that my children are going to grow up like I did,” Burdick quoted Porter as saying.

Sadly, this reminds me of the Gehring children. If you remember they were last seen when their father picked
them up in 2003. Their father was later arrested for the kidnapping, and committed suicide in jail, before he went to trial and before telling where the children were buried.

Their remains were found in Dec. 2005 in an unmarked grave in Ohio. I am going to quote their Mother Terri Knight, from an article at that time, as I could not say it any better:
”There are people who don’t ever find their children and it’s horrible,” she said. ”No kid deserves not to have a proper burial and resting place.”

Now I have no way of knowing if this is what happened to Sam and Lindsey. But, I cannot trust that they are ok, when in one breath their father seems to be saying that he did this to protect them, and in another breath he is saying that he sold them to a pornography ring.
I come nearer to believing the Prosecutor, who says that he did this to spite his wife.

I know very few parents, who when their child was first placed in their arms, didn’t promise their child that they would love and protect them.
And I guess I really have difficulty understanding how that could go so wrong. That a father could become so wrapped up in a fight with the mother, that he would forget those children that he professed to love.

Are they out there somewhere, in a home with someone that Daniel Porter placed them with? Are they resting somewhere in an unmarked grave? Or did he really sell them to a pedofile? Sadly, Tina Porter may never know.

There is a private club out there that no one wants to join. Parents of missing children. Their lives as a parent of those children, just stops.
There is no funeral, no grave, no marker that it has ended. It just stops. They have nowhere to go to mourn their child or try to commune with them.
They hope in a part of them that they are alive somewhere, and that someone is caring for them. Their worst fear is not that they are dead. Though that is a thought they may not wish to think. Their worst thought is that they may be with someone who will not care for them, or may hurt them. Those thoughts they will carry for the rest of their life.

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