He’s a husband and father to be

He is barely old enough to get into the hospital maternity ward. Visiting age there can range from 14 to 16 years old. He isn’t old enough to have a driver’s license or in most cases even a work permit.  But he is the father of the child to be born. And he is the husband of the 37 year old mother to be Lisa Lynnette Clark.

It is cases like this that put the old double standard to the test. Yeah, you know the one. Girls are supposed to be pure and virginal and boys are supposed to try to get “lucky”. Remember Mrs. Robinson?

He is identified only as “A.S.G.” in the court cases. That is because he is a minor, but also because this is about a sex abuse case. A.S.G. lived with his grandmother, and found a friendship with Clark. Then grandmother finds a love letter which led her to believe that there was more than “friendship” involved. So she makes a report to police. Clark is arrested for molestation of a minor. And she turns up pregnant. So they run away and get married, which results in A.S.G. being arrested for a probation violation and he is sent to a juvenile facility. He runs away and finally gets found. You guessed it, they tracked a cell phone and money he had recieved to Clark, and used that to search her home. He was there.

Now let’s look at this a minute. Studies show that boys and girls mature at different rates, with the boys being slightly slower than girls. He would most likely be in junior high school, where most of his friends are chasing girls, talking about getting their drivers license, maybe owning a car, and dreaming of what they will be when they “grow up”. He most likely hasn’t held a job, never changed a diaper, and to him- probably the only connection he knows about marriage is that it involves sex. He hasn’t gone to prom, graduation, he hasn’t made a decision about going to college, owned a car or dated much.

Clark has been an adult for several years, most likely has worked, possibly been married, and is likely to be at that age that she is dreading the big 4-0 that is fast approaching. She has likely done the graduation thing, the prom thing, the dating thing, the job thing.

Now these two hook up. And she (being the adult in the relationship, I hold her most responsible) permits a sexual relationship. As a result, she is going to court for sexual molestation, she is bringing a child into the world that she will not be in a position to care for, she illegally takes the boy across state lines and marries him (possibly to circumvent the molestation charge?). By doing so, she gets him in trouble with the law. And to top it off, she makes arrangements to help him get out of a juvenile facility, which breaks more laws and includes additional charges against him. A very concerned and loving wife (not).

Now I am sure they are going to tell you they are in love. Ok. Most states have laws which allow for an age of consent for a minor. She couldn’t wait?

She was pregnant, she “had” to get married. Well see the previous paragraph. Anyway, in this day and age, marriage because of pregnancy is outmoded. And in 3 years, he would be old enough (at least legally) to sign his own marraige certificate. What was the hurry?

Now, when the boys in his class are getting their driver’s license- he will be changing diapers, because she will likely be in prison. When other boys in his class are saving for a car, hopefully he will be buying diapers and formula. When other kids are finding dates, he will be looking for a sitter. When they are preparing for graduation, maybe looking forward to college- he will be looking for a job. That’s asking a lot of a 15 year old.

And there is also the baby to consider. Mom knew what she was doing was illegal. She knew and took the risk of going to prison. Now the baby is left to grow up with a kid who is too young to be a parent. Yes, with help he may be able to do it. But it will be a struggle for both him and the baby. The baby’s bonding time with the mother will likely be limited to brief prison visits if that much. And it will grow up knowing that Mom is in that big building and unable to be of any help when it needs a mother. And someday, the baby will come face to face with the bad decisions that the mother made. When that time comes, I wonder how the baby will view it? http://www.newsnet5.com/news/6872697/detail.html




  1. thpunishrr said,

    February 10, 2006 at 2:09 pm

    Future Father of the Year.
    How desperate did this lady have to be to have relations with a kid and to fall in love with him. I bet they have a lot in common. If the relationship even lasts that long. I can see it now. He turns 21 and realizes what a joke this all was, also realizes that he hasn’t experienced the “party” life style and decides to go bar and club hopping. She is tired and settled down and has no desires her much younger Romeo partakes of.There will be a million possiblities for this relationship to come to a bitter end.

  2. February 11, 2006 at 2:08 am

    Hi, P.
    And in the middle of it all, while Mom is sitting in jail, and Dad is wanting to go party- there is a little baby, who had no choice in the decisions the others made.

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