News about the blog

For over a year now, I have been reading true crime blogs, and spent most of my blog reading on the True Crime blogroll ring. One of the members, Lost in Lima Ohio encouraged me to begin a blog of my own. When I began blogging, I eagerly asked to join up with them. I am proud to say they have accepted me. As a result, I have posted the other members of the blog roll ring in my links section. Unfortunately, as a result of the the way the template for this blog is set up, I cannot separate the blogroll ring from the domestic violence links. So for clarification purposes, I have placed a * in front of all the True Crime Blogring members. I want to thank the members for accepting me, and for being so helpful. A special thanks to Lost in Lima Ohio for getting me started.

So besides the domestic violence links, my recommended reading is the True Crime blogroll.

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