Anger, disappointment, frustration, jealousy

Arthur Henderson, was a police officer from July 1, 2002, until July 23, 2004 and says he had to leave the force due to a knee injury he recieved during SWAT excercises. Since that time he worked off and on in construction with his brother. Now think about what makes a police officer. He has to be able to be authoritative, in some situations he has to be forceful, he must be able to control some very hazardous situations- yet he must be able to back off, once he has a situation under control.

But Henderson was no longer a police officer. There isn’t anything to indicate that that ended due to any wrong doing on his part, he was injured. Something out of his control.

He had been married. But evidently he was now separated from his wife. There isn’t any way of knowing why or for how long. Now a strong forceful man, who loses a job like being a police officer, will usually find it hard to be unemployed or underemployed. He had had a job which commanded respect, and then it was over. I wonder if that is what led up to the estrangement?

But, they were separated. And evidently she was moving on. Natalie Barnes Henderson, 37 had a boyfriend. His name was Craig Trimble, 35. Often, when a marriage is over the hardest part for is not the time they separate, it is the time that their partner moves on with another. Even when the partners agree that continuing the marriage is hopeless, this can be hard to accept. If one partner has not given up on the marriage, then it is even harder.

On Jan. 27, Henderson chased his ex-wife and her boyfriend out of her home, and then there was a high speed chase. Eventually, he managed to ram her car with his truck, at which time he walked up to the truck and shot the boyfriend in the leg, stomach and ankle.

Police arrived, and he proceeded to shoot several rounds at them, with one bullet going through a passing mini-van and one going through the windshield of patrol car. He was eventually subdued and arrested after officers shot him in the knee and the foot.

I find it interesting that this man who once took a vow to serve and protect the public, and who in doing so joined that brotherhood that is so well known between police officers, would then send a bullet through a passing vehicle of someone he once vowed to protect, and through the windshield of one of his one time “brother’s”.

“Love” is a powerful emotion. But it requires a lot of nurturing, and irregardless of the vow which states “until death due us part”, sometimes it ends. When it ends, it can release a flood of emotions that that is so strong, that it can lead a person to break other vows, not related to the marriage.

According to the article, Trimble remains in the hospital. Henderson is currently in jail awaiting trial on 10 felony charges including 5 charges of attempted murder. A very sad end for the marriage two people once began so hopefully.,1249,635182304,00.html

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