Sometimes it is real scary

There was an argument between boyfriend and girlfriend. Not really newsworthy, right? But evidently what happened here is that the boyfriend and girlfriend argued, and boyfriend began assaulting and choking her. She jumped out of a moving car, to the street at about 5:45 am. Now I don’t know what they were doing out driving at that time of the AM and don’t really consider it my business. I also don’t know what the argument was about. I also don’t know if the girlfriend was aware that her boyfriend, Cory Locke, had a previous conviction for rape. And I also don’t know, if she did know about the conviction, what story he might have spun to explain it to her.

Anyway, the story became newsworthy when after jumping from the car, the girlfriend,  Lakisha Brown, reports to police that he drove off with her 2 year old son inside. has spotlighted the abduction because an Amber Alert was issued.

The boy was dropped off, evidently unharmed at a fire station about 8 hours later. Many times these stories are kind of dismissed. She was with a convicted rapist, right? So she should have known to expect problems maybe? But wait. What about this poor kid. He is two. Who knows how much he can be expected to understand. But likely he heard angry words. He likely saw the assault. We don’t know if this was the first time that he saw his mother being assaulted. Then, probably to him, his mother disappeared and he didn’t see her for about 8 hours. He was with someone he knew. And very possibly someone who didn’t harm him.

But, he was with the man who he saw fighting with his mother before she disappeared. Kids of that age, normally will cling to their mothers when they hear angry words. But his mother was gone. Who knows where they went or what they did in that 8 hours? But to a child of that age, 8 hours are like a lifetime. So please don’t dismiss this story. Because, no matter that the mother made her own choices. He did not have any choices.

Hopefully, this mother will take the anguish she felt when her child was missing, and learn to put him first. To not put him in this postition again. Because, if she doesn’t, what kind of life will this boy have?

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