It isn’t always the parents

 Even though this duo was not residing together at the time of the assault, I am going to include it due to the close familial relationship.

Tommy Turner attorney at law is back at work. He had been hospitalized with an injury to his hand, after a struggle over a gun with his son. His son has been charged with assault and domestic violence.

Thomas Turner Jr. 24, was visiting his father’s home, and they began to argue. Thomas Sr. had been in a car accident in Nov. and had broken his arm and collarbone and was still wearing a cast. Thomas Jr. pulled a gun and he and his father began to struggle over it. The gun discharged and struck Thomas Sr. in the hand. He may still lose his index finger, as a result.

Thomas Jr. is currently in jail, but Thomas Sr. is hoping they don’t prosecute his son for the crime. He is hoping to get the son out of jail and into a drug rehab program.

So many times, when there is domestic crime, there is also drugs or alcohol involved. In many ways I sympathize with Mr. Turner. You always want to see the best in your children, and for your children. And Thomas Jr. has apoligized for what happened.  But, at some point children need to be made responsible for what they do. If they don’t have to take responsibility then they never learn to change.


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  1. Natajha said,

    January 25, 2007 at 9:12 am

    Unfortunately when children are abused they rarely have the courage or strength to confront their abuser until they themselves are an adult. I am not assuming that Thomas senior abused his son but there has to be a logical reason why his son is aggressive and abusive towards him specifically. Also drug abuse is typically the behavior of a person with very little self worth. It seems that Thomas Jr has considerable rage towards his father. I agree, as an adult he is responsible for his actions and should be punished accordingly but how did he get to this point. Not all parents do want the best for the children. I speak from personal experience when I say some parents are cruel and vicious. I turned my anger towards myself and attempted suicide 12 months ago. Thankfully, I failed and with a wonderful partner and great therapy I can see that my parents were criminally abusive and it wasnt my fault. I could just as easily have lashed out. I am 34 years old and no body knew what my parents had done. I explained the scars I have as child hood accidents. I was abused. I never discussed it, I never mentioned it. I was too ashamed. It doesn’t matter how thin you slice it, there are always two sides

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