Peeking on the other side of the drapes.

Did you ever look at homes when you were taking a drive, and wonder what they were like on the other side of the drapes? Maybe you are in a more affluent neighborhood and wonder what it is like to plan those wonderful vacations, have a generous budget to build and decorate with? Don’t you just imagine the loving parents, the polite smiling children, the happy home? Or maybe it is a more modest neighborhood, and you can imagine a yard full of neighborhood kids, with parents who work together to raise their family, and manage their schedule of work, kids activities, and chores to be done. Maybe you are driving by an apartment complex with all those rows of windows, people living together…..yet very separate lives.  Often, not knowing neighbors or where they work or who their families are. Yet, you still seem to imagine those families, sitting together for meals, smiling, happy families.

If you watched TV in the 60’s, you saw those types of families. The biggest problem you might see addressed, is who broke the neighbor’s window. And of course that would all be resolved with everyone saying “I’m sorry” by the end of the half hour or one hour show. More recent  TV shows, may show somewhat more severe problems, but still nothing that can’t be solved within the show’s time slot. Now isn’t that they type of family you imagine behind other people’s windows? And that is ususally they way most people like to portray themselves, in their respective neighborhoods.

But sometimes, whether it is down the block, or the next city over- a crime gets committed. And in the neighborhood gossip, or in the news media, you  get very different pictures of just what happens behind some other people’s drapes.

There are several domestic violence cases being discussed in the news right now.  Probably leading is that Rachel and Lillian Entwistle were found murdered in bed on 01-22-06. Now the hubby hasn’t been named a suspect in the case, but since he left for Britain over the weekend and isn’t sure if he will be coming back for the funerals, authorities are not sure when they will be able to interview him, though I have read that they have talked with him by phone. You can read more about this at or at two of my favorite blogs.

Steve Huff is also covering Ricky Holland Ricky Holland is the 7 year old boy, who reportedly ran away from home in Aug. of last year. Despite many searches, he was never located. Wed. his adoptive mother Lisa was charged with domestic assault, allegedly for an assault against the husband Tim. Ricky’s remains were found and identified this week. His parents have been charged with obstruction of justice and are being held on one million dollar bond.  Both are considered material witnesses in the other’s case. Each alleged parent is blaming the other in Ricky’s death.

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